Winterization Services

We recently saw a record number of freeze damaged engines, exhaust manifolds, coolers, and even saw a few submersions from unwinterized boats. Here in Mississippi, a “Polar Vortex” can sweep down and catch us all by surprise. Please remember, a freeze damaged engine likely means a $6000.00+ engine replacement next year. We urge you to protect your investment BEFORE the first freeze of the season!

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Bring your boat in for winterization, off-season repairs and maintenance. THIS IS THE TIME FOR KNOWN REPAIRS TO BE COMPLETED! Save money and wait time! Call us today at 601-992-7072 for more information.



  • Add fuel stabilizer to fuel tank, start engine and run to operating temperature, fog engine cylinders.
  • Drain engine block, exhaust manifolds, oil coolers, etc. of water.
  • Shutdown strainers/seacocks as required.
  • Disconnect battery, set switch as required.

If you have more equipment to be winterized or questions to be answered, bring your boat by or call 601-992-7072 for details.

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